Max-Flow High Flow Exhaust Manifold Blanket


$120.00 Includes Free Shipping.

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - www.P65Warnings.Ca.Gov

Max-Flow Exhaust Manifold Blanket for Max-Flow High Flow Manifolds

Fits Max-Flow High Flow Manifolds and PPE High Flow Manifolds as well as some others

*Does not fit OEM manifolds*


The Exhaust Manifold Blanket helps reduce under hood temperatures as well as increasing horsepower by increasing the exhaust gas velocity for improved flow and efficiency.

So why should you run an exhaust manifold blanket on your truck? If you want your under hood engine components to last longer, improve turbo efficiency, and reduce heat soak the exhaust manifold blankets are one of the key items to achieve that. By keeping the heat in the manifold it helps get hotter exhaust gasses to the turbocharger, hotter gas is more expansive and increases the exhaust velocity in turn spooling the turbo faster. The fuel filter on the 6.6L Duramax trucks is directly above the passenger side manifold, the manifold blanket will keep the excess heat from the manifold and keep your filter safe and cool.

This manifold blanket is made specifically for the Max-Flow high Flow Manifolds but will also work on the PPE High Flow manifolds as well. The blanket is held in place by a spring that secures to a grommet on each side of the manifold blanket. They can be made to fit on other manifolds but are not a direct fit, these will not work on stock manifolds due to clearance between the head and manifold.


  • Protect engine bay components by keeping the heat in the exhaust manifolds
  • Improve turbocharger efficiency by keeping the hot side hot
  • Avoid heat soak and reduce engine bay temperatures


  • 1 x Exhaust Manifold blankets for High Flow Manifolds
  • 3 x Spring clips to secure the manifold blanket
    • ​You can get the complete set for both manifolds in the options above.
      • 2 x Exhaust Manifold blankets
      • 6 x spring clips