Gen-Y Mega-Duty 21K Drop Hitch 2.5" Receiver

Part# GH-623


WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - www.P65Warnings.Ca.Gov

Fits: 2.5" Receivers

Gen-Y's drop hitches are available in many different sizes to accommodate stock or lifted trucks. Also available in an offset drop hitch. This 21,000LB drop hitch is available from 6"- 18" drop heights and 3-7 adjustment positions depending on the hitch size. Adjust the desired height by simply pulling a pin and moving the ball mount to that position. With so many different sizes and adjustments, you can dial in that optimal height for a smoother and safer haul. You can even use one of the available top positions to mount other accessories like a bike rack without having to worry about removing the hitch. It is a great choice for any stock height or lifted trucks with a 2.5″ ball mount receiver. All Gen-Y products are rigorously tested and exceed the SAE-J684 Weight Testing Requirements. Never exceed the recommended capacity on any trailer tow coupling or vehicle receiver hitch. Lifetime Guarantee and Made in the USA.

What Size Drop Hitch do I need?

This is typically the big question and can vary depending on your trailer. Ideally, you want your trailer to sit behind your vehicle as level as possible when connected. The easiest way to figure this out is to measure the difference from the bottom of the trailer tongue(level) to the inside bottom of your hitch. The difference is the approximate drop you should try to get close to.

If you are not sure of your trailer height, then 15-17" off the ground is an average height for most trailers to use. Again, measure tow vehicles hitch opening. Then the appropriate drop is the difference between that and approximately 16". Example, your vehicle measures 19.5", then go with a 4" drop, that get you close to the middle between 15"-17".

Do you have a lift kit on your truck?

No worries – our hitch is still compatible! However, there are important considerations when towing with a lifted vehicle. For instance, extended drop hitches (12″ or more) can exert additional leverage on the vehicle receiver. Consequently, some receiver hitch manufacturers may decrease their ratings by up to 50% in such cases. Moreover, a long drop hitch typically introduces more movement due to its increased length and drop of the ball mount. To address this, utilizing the Stabilizer Kit (GH-0100) is recommended. This kit securely attaches the bottom of the GEN-Y adjustable drop hitch to the truck's frame, alleviating stress on the receiver and preventing movement of the ball mount, thus ensuring a safe towing experience.


  • Drop/Raise Range: 6" to 18"
  • Includes Versa-Ball Mount (2" & 2-5/16") and Pintle Lock
  • 21,000LB Towing Capacity
  • Fabricated with Heavy Duty Steel
  • Precision Milled and Drilled
  • Easy One Pin Adjustment
  • Works with Weight Distribution System (GH-302)
  • Sand Blasted and Coated with a Durable Silver-Vein Powder Coat
  • Compatible with all 2.5″ attachments


  • Mega-Duty Options
    • Part# GH-623 - 2.5" Receiver, 6" Drop, 3 Adjustable Positions, with Versa Ball Mount and Pintle Lock
    • Part# GH-924 - 2.5" Receiver, 6" Offset, 4 Adjustable Positions, with Versa Ball Mount and Pintle Lock
    • Part# GH-624 - 2.5" Receiver, 9" Drop, 4 Adjustable Positions, with Versa Ball Mount and Pintle Lock
    • Part# GH-925 - 2.5" Receiver, 9" Offset, 5 Adjustable Positions, with Versa Ball Mount and Pintle Lock
    • Part# GH-625 - 2.5" Receiver, 12" Drop, 5 Adjustable Positions, with Versa Ball Mount and Pintle Lock
    • Part# GH-926 - 2.5" Receiver, 12" Offset, 6 Adjustable Positions, with Versa Ball Mount and Pintle Lock
    • Part# GH-626 - 2.5" Receiver, 15" Offset, 6 Adjustable Positions, with Versa Ball Mount and Pintle Lock, comes with Stabilizer Kit
    • Part# GH-627 - 2.5" Receiver, 18" Offset, 7 Adjustable Positions, with Versa Ball Mount and Pintle Lock, comes with Stabilizer Kit


  • Stabilizer Kit is included with 15" and 18" Drop Hitches
  • Offset drop hitches are available in a 6" , 9", and 12" drop only. The 6" offset drop hitch allows you to raise the hitch 3" or lower it 6" while the 12" offset can raise it 3" and lower it 12". This gives more options for any dual purpose jobs you may have. For example, pulling a car dolly and attaching a bike rack or using tow bars and a luggage rack at the same time. The offset drop hitch is compatible with the Weight Distribution System (GH-302).