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Allison Service Package (Fluid & Filter)
Allison Service Package (Fluid & Filter)

Allison Service Package (Fluid & Filter)

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Part#: Allison Fluid/Filter Package

Allison Service Package (Fluid & Filter)

Dmaxstore has put together this great package for our members to correctly service their Allison transmission.  These kits provide the correct amount of fluid and spin on external filter for 2001-2019 Duramax diesels using standard Allison transmission pans.

Kit includes:

  • 2 Gallons of Allison Transynd synthetic fluid- (We have found this fluid to be far superior to anything else available.) It is completely compatible with Dexron 3 and Dexron 6 designed specifically for the Allison transmission.
  • 1 genuine Allison spin on transmission filter

Dmaxstore Note: (If you you have an Allison deep sump pan you will need 3 gallons of fluid. Larger aftermarket pans will need approximately 3.5-4 gallons If you are dropping the pan to replace the internal filter you will use approximately 2.5 gallons on a standard sump pan)


  • Remove 15 mm drain plug on transmission pan and drain old fluid, this should be 7.4 quarts unless you are low on fluid to begin, reinstall drain plug.
  • Remove old spin on filter, remove filter magnet located on top of old filter and clean it with a rag. Install magnet on new filter and fill with Transynd fluid, reinstall filter on transmission.
  • Using transmission funnel fill transmission with 7.4 quarts of Transynd and check level.
  • We recommend this service every 30-40 thousand miles to keep your Allison running its best. Allison does not recommend using a machine to filter or flush the transmission.

Castrol TranSynd 668 is a premium, full-synthetic automatic transmission fluid specifically formulated for Allison Transmission® on-highway automatic transmissions. TranSynd 668 provides oxidative stability, anti-wear performance, and friction durability, as well as TES 668™ specification differentiators such as extended anti-shudder durability and extended clutch friction durability. This fluid features an Allison TES 668 approval. The TES 668 spec is fully backwards compatible for TES 295® applications.


  • Delivers improved gear protection.
  • Delivers extended anti-shudder durability.
  • Delivers extended clutch-friction durability.
  • Excellent corrosion and foaming resistance.
  • Excellent thermal and oxidative stability that helps to prevent deposits and oil thickening.
  • Excellent transmission cleanliness under all conditions permits extended oil-drain intervals and decreased
  • Excellent temperature reduction through reduced friction leads to longer oil and component life.
  • Outstanding cold-flow properties enable faster oil flow to all critical components, particularly during cold starts.
  • Optimized frictional characteristics gives smoother gear changing at all ambient temperatures and load
  • Excellent shear stability properties help to retain full transmission performance over the entire oil-drain interval

Documents from Allison: BrochureCharacteristics

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