The Half-Ton is finally here! just revealed at the 2018 Detroit auto show is the new 3.0L inline 6 Turbo Diesel in the 2019 Chevrolet and GMC half ton trucks.  This is a huge step forward for GM to finally put a Duramax diesel motor into their half ton line up, something we have been asking for, for years.  There has not been very many details released about the motor yet, we will keep you updated as we get more information.  So far all we know is that it will displace three liters and have an inline six configuration and will be mated to a 10 speed transmission.  The GM Products chief, Mark Reuss, stated that the now Duramax will be class leading.  The new engine will make 277 HP and 460 pound feet of torque, this is the most powerful diesel engine in the half ton trucks, beating out Fords 3.0 V-6 which makes 250 HP and only 440 pond feet. Another good thing is that it appears the DEF tank has finally been moved! No more filling the DEF front the engine bay but like other diesels, GM has finally moved it into the fuel door. DmaxStore will carry parts for this Duramax as soon as we can.  We will finally be entering the half-ton market but will remain exclusive to models that have a Duramax Diesel engine, some suspension and steering parts may fit on other applications but we will focus solely on the Duramax Diesel models in order to offer our loyal customers the best experience possible with our vast knowledge on every Duramax Diesel Truck.  For any future information we will be updating this product as much as we can, trying to keep you up to date.


The 3.0L Inline Six Duramax Turbo Diesel is a clean slate design from GM to separate themselves from the competition. They could choose from virtually any engine architecture they wanted, GM chose the inline six for the many efficiency advantages. The inline six motor is inherently balanced, low friction, and low weight compared to some other engine architectures, all of these advantages result in a smoother, cleaner operating engine. This diesel engine weights in at only 212 KG, only 5 more KG than the 5.3 liter gasoline option that is available. The block for the LM2 has been constructed from aluminum along with the cylinder heads, this keeps the weight at a minimum. In order to keep the strength in the cylinder walls they have inserted a metal sleeve without sacrificing any weight the a cast iron block would add. The pistons are also constructed from aluminum to keep the rotating mass down to keep the engine running efficiently. The lower crank case is extended downward to provide further stiffness and strengthening the block. The fuel system is all new and has the highest rail pressure compared to any of the other diesels in the segment, at 2,500 bar (36,350 psi) it allows for improved atomization of the fuel in the cylinders. This allows the LM2 to have a much higher power density than the other engines within the segment. The injection system allows up to 10 injections per cycle, this will improve the combustion process resulting in a quieter operating system. The intake system utilizes a dual intake runner manifold set up allowing them to use a swirl valve to change the length of the intake runner improving swirl effect throughout the entire RPM range, the swirl effect will allow for more efficient combustion within the cylinders. To supply the air to the engine a Honeywell turbocharger makes 29 PSI of boost, this turbo utilizes electronically controlled vanes, and ball bearing technology to provide a quick spool up off the line. Overall GM seems to have put a lot of money, time, and effort into making a reliable and stout engine that will be more efficient and more powerful than the competition.
Engine 3.0L LM2 Duramax Diesel
Bore 3.307"
Stroke 3.543"
Engine Block Material Cast Aluminum
Compression Ration 15.0:1
Horsepower 277 hp at 3,750 RPM
Torque 460 lb-ft at 1,500 RPM

Engine Oil

This 3.0 LM2 Duramax Diesel takes 7 quarts of SAE 0w-20 Dexos D approved oil. We use the AC Delco oil and  AC Delco Oil Filter for our Oil Change Kits. Engine Oil Cross Reference Part Numbers: 19370138, 10-9277 Oil Filter Cross Reference Part Numbers: PF66, 55495105, 19391402  

All New Bed Design

Chevrolet got almost 7 inches of additional width in the bed, without widening the exterior.  They decided to change from their single piece stamped bed to a 3 piece design that allowed for tighter corners and more aggressive edges without degrading the structural integrity of the bed.  GM also decided to fit the new trucks with a 110-volt outlet at the rear of the bed capable of handling 400 Watts!  Also a whole new bed storage design will be available, there is a lockable storage box that fits above the wheel wells and under the bed rails offering you a decent amount of lockable bed storage so  you can park your truck and not have to worry about anybody taking your tie downs or other small items you leave in your bed.  These boxes still maintain the 4' width of the bed by storing flush to the wheel wells. The new truck comes with a power tailgate, which I know sounds like a ridiculous option, but it is easily overridden by just pulling it down as you would with a standard tailgate.

Longer Wheelbase

GM stretched the wheelbase by a total of 4 inches, moving the front wheels closer to the front and trimming the front over hang, this will allow for a much better approach angle.  The rear wheels were moved back by giving the cab an extra inch and the wheels are 1 inch further back in the bed.  This allows for 3 inches of added leg room, making it comfortable even with the front seats in there rear most position.

Rear Climate

Air  conditioning ducts are back for 2019! After the 2014/2015 redesign the omitted the rear vents, and for any passenger that has been in the back on a road trip in the summer they know how hot it can get back there.  Even the lowest trim models will be equipped with rear climate vents.  Heated seats, 2 USB ports, and 1 twelve volt connection is also available in the rear.

Lighter and Stronger

In order to increase fuel economy and help with acceleration the new 2019 Silverado was put on a diet.  With aluminum doors, hood, and tailgate it has shaved off approximately 450 pounds from the previous generation model.  To maintain the strength over competitors they have decided to use high strength steel in the bed for increased strength and longevity.


The new Duramax will be mated to GM's new 10-speed automatic transmission that is currently offered in the 2019 Camaro ZL1.  It is capable of holding over 650 HP and 650 lb-ft of torque in the Camaro so you can rest assured that this transmission can hold the power that you want to put down with your new Duramax.  The 10-speed will offer the best in fuel economy as well as performance by offering closer gear ratios with the average RPM drop being only 20% compared to the ZF 8-speed transmission which has a 25% average RPM drop.


For everybody looking to modify the all new LM2 motors we are looking to be the first to have news on aftermarket parts for these trucks. We look forward to being the leader in the 3.0 Duramax performance upgrades, send us a message if you have any products you might want if you cannot find them on our site! We also want to see what issues may arise with these trucks and keep track of what dealers/customers are doing to fix them. Check out this Forum to share what you have done to your truck!