Is my Silverado or Sierra a "Refresh"? Here's how you can tell!
General Motors does not always make it an even split between model years, we have seen it in the past and I am sure that it will happen in the future. The most recent model year change for the GM 1500 platform was during 2022. The "new" body style came out during 2022 so there are 2022.5 trucks that look the same as the 2023 trucks but still have the LM2 Duramax from the 2020-2022 trucks.

The most notable differences on the exterior on the Silverado took place on the front fascia. The 2022 is an LTZ and the 2022.5 is an LT trim model truck where there are minor differences in the same model year this shows the differences between the "refresh" trucks. The headlights saw a slight revision, along with the grille and bumpers.
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Another major upgrade was the interior, this was a much needed interior update as there has not been any major changes to the interior since 2014. This is a massive step forward and is a much more modern interior design. You can see an all new screen design along with a full digital gauge cluster, revised center console and center stack with new AC controls.
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You can see similar changes on the GMC platform with their unique design elements. While these trucks may look similar at first glance there were a lot of stylistic changes that they made on the headlights, grille, bumper and hood.
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The sierra also changed the interior drastically. It is hard to believe that the 2022 interior was also a Denali but it in fact is. Everything was revised on the interior along with new color and material options now available you can outfit your truck with more luxuries than ever before.
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