SoCal Diesel LB7 Duramax Billet Injector Clamp Kit


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SoCal Diesel LB7 Billet Injector Clamp Kit

Fits 2001-2004 LB7 Duramax

*Torque to 55 ftlbs*

Product Description
SoCal Diesel pioneered the Duramax LB7 billet injector clamp kit in 2006. We were pleased to be involved with the very first twin turbo 1000 RWHP Duramax project. One of the challenges we faced was keeping the injector properly seated in the injector cup. The increased cylinder pressure at this power level would literally push the injector out of the cup and in most cases the cup would also unseat and create a water leak into the engine.
We considered a weld in cup for about 2 seconds. Welding on an aluminum head kills the heat treat, resulting in a soft head in and around the area of the weld. Certainly ok for a cosmetic repair, but not something you want to do in an area as stressed as the injector cup. While the weld in cup could solve problem of the cup moving, it wouldn't solve the problem of the injector moving around due to lack of clamping force with the factory bolt and clamp.
We considered a screw in injector cup for about 3 seconds. (Sometimes we're a little slow) We dismissed this for the same reason above. A screw in injector cup would only solve the injector cup leaking issue and not address the fundamental issue of the injector getting pushed out of the cup with extreme cylinder pressure.
We thought we could solve the injector movement issue with a better bolt. Or actually a new stud and nut arrangement that would apply more clamping force without increasing the stress to the threads of the aluminum head. We found that increasing the clamp load with the newly designed stud and nut only served to distort and bend the factory injector clamp.
Once again we were surprised at the factory's choice of alloy. They chose an alloy that had the tensile strength of the hardened bubble gum you found underneath your chair in school as a kid. While perfectly ok for stock power levels, it certainly wasn't up to the task of 4 times the cylinder pressure and power of a stock LB7.
After a little CAD work, a little CAM work, and after a quick trip to the heat treater's facility, we had the first set of LB7 billet injector clamps.
SoCal Diesel's billet injector clamp kit significantly increases the clamp load on the injector, preventing the injector and the injector cup from becoming unseated when subjected to extreme power levels. This kit is a must for any high horsepower build! Over the years this kit has seen in excess of 1700 RWHP.
The kit includes 8 billet clamps, 8 studs and 8 nuts.
Don't be fooled by other companies who think R&D stands for Rob and Duplicate. Get the kit designed and manufactured by the innovators at SoCal Diesel not the imitators somewhere else.