S&B 62 Gallon Replacement Tank, 2001-2004 Crew Cab Short Bed LB7

Part# 10-1023

$1,349.00 Includes Free Shipping.

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - www.P65Warnings.Ca.Gov

Fits: 2001 thru 2004 Chevy Silverado/GMC Sierra 2500HD/3500HD Crew Cab Short Bed LB7 Duramax Diesel

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Save Time. Go Further. Get More Out of Your Truck. Being stuck with only a 26-gallon tank isn't fair. S&B's 62-gallon fuel tank directly replaces the OEM tank without any cutting, drilling, or special modifications. S&B also includes a premium OEM style sending unit that makes for a trouble-free, faster installation process. S&B's replacement fuel tank holds 10 more gallons than competitor tanks allowing you to save time, go further, and get more out of your truck! Go big or go home! This tank features a built-in sump which can be used for aftermarket lift pump installation, if desired. 


  • Increase Fuel Capacity by 36-gallons
  • Gooseneck and 5th Wheel Compatible
  • Hangs 5" Lower
  • Simple Install
  • Built-In Sump
  • Can be used with aftermarket lift pump
  • Transfer Pump Ready


  • 62-Gallon Fuel Tank
  • S&B Sending Unit
  • Straps
  • Install Hardware

DmaxStore Note:

  • Does not have a drain. 
  • Distance To Empty (DTE) reading will be skewed. (See note below)
  • S&B recommends aftermarket lift pumps be installed according to the pump manufacturer's instructions only. The S&B sump will not cure typical "1/4 tank issues"  common with aftermarket lift pumps. S&B sump fittings are required to be used to prevent leaking.
  • Fleece In-Tank Lift Pump WILL NOT work with this tank.


  • Lifetime Warranty


Important Note about the Fuel Gauge Operation:
The distance to empty (DTE) on GM trucks can’t be reprogrammed, so it will show about half the mileage that is really left. This occurs with all aftermarket high-capacity fuel tanks. The fuel gauge will operate properly. When you fill up your tank, the fuel gauge will remain on full until about 4-5 gallons have been used and then the gauge will start to move normally. GM trucks monitor for an inoperative fuel gauge, so in some situations, until it starts to move, the truck’s computer will drop the gauge to empty to get the driver’s attention even though your tank is full. The gauge will return to its normal position after restarting the engine. Once the fuel level drops 4-5 gallons from full, the fuel gauge will return to its normal operation. The bottom of the S&B tank has more surface area than the OE, so there will be a greater fuel reserve when the low fuel indicator comes on.

WARNING For Those Using In-Bed Fuel Tanks:
On S&B and OEM diesel fuel tanks, there are one or more rollover valves. The rollover valve uses a float/weight to close the valve when the float is immersed in fuel. This prevents fuel leakage in the event of a rollover. Gravity feed tanks or electronically controlled feed tanks can overfill the S&B or OEM tank. If/when the tank is overfilled, the rollover valves will prematurely close. Without the required vapor space in the tank, this violates the “overfill restriction” requirement of 49 CFR 393.76(12)(i). An overfilled tank can lead to a pressurized fuel tank, leaking, and tank failure.

Therefore, the use of a gravity feed tank or electronically controlled transfer tanks (that allow the S&B tank to overfill) in conjunction with a S&B Tank is dangerous and will void the S&B Tank warranty.