Max-Flow Arctic Brushless Duramax Electric Cooling Fans (2001-2005)

Part# MAX-ECF-0105-B

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Max-Flow Arctic Electric Cooling Fans(Brushless Motors)

Fits 2001-2005 Silverado/Sierra 2500HD/3500HD Duramax

Part# MAX-ECF-0105-B

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Max-Flow's Arctic electric cooling fans are a bolt on replacement for your stock clutch fan assembly. Perfect for daily drivers, sled pulling, drag racing, weekend warriors, and some very light towing applications. The stock clutch fans take a lot of power to operate which strains the engine and reduces fuel economy. These high quality fans are designed to move the necessary amount of air through the Duramax high density cooling stack efficiently, thus keeping your engine running cool and A/C blowing cold during those hot summer days. Normal electric fans cannot move enough air through the radiator, intercooler, A/C condenser, and transmission cooler to meet the cooling demands of the Duramax engines. Max-Flow's electric fan kits are more powerful than other kits on the market. These fan kits can handle up to 84 amps, whereas most other kits only handle up to 24 amps per fan. The extra amperage is going to provide the additional pulling power required to get the air through the entire cooling stack. Some companies advertise their fan CFM's with no resistance in front of it. What really matters is the fan CFM's when they are placed behind the radiator, intercooler, A/C condenser, and transmission cooler. Max-Flow's electric fan kits can pull over 4800CFM's through the high density cooling stack. Also, unlike other competitor's fan shrouds, this aluminum fan shroud covers more surface area to help keep things running cool. Max-Flow's Arctic electric fan kit will keep your Duramax running cool under high loads when you need it the most while increasing horsepower and fuel economy.


  • Easy, bolt-on installation
  • Brushless fan motors (slimmer design, more power output, minimal amperage draw, and longer lasting)
  • Dual 14" variable speed fans, thermostatically controlled
  • Designed to efficiently cool high density cooling stacks
  • Increased horsepower and fuel economy
  • Aluminum fan shroud covers more surface area to improve cooling
  • Transmission control module relocated near fusebox away from radiator heat

DmaxStore Notes:

  • Installation hardware and wiring included
  • Included wiring must be used otherwise fans may not operate properly
  • Override switch(not included) can be installed for manual fan control purposes