MAHLE Motorsports Duramax Performance Cast Piston Kit (1000 HP)

Part# 930029855T

$2,041.00 Includes Free Shipping.

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - www.P65Warnings.Ca.Gov

MAHLE Motorsports Duramax Performance Cast Piston Kit

Rated up to 1000HP

Fits 2001-2016 6.6L Duramax

Designed for street/strip or pulling trucks making 400-1000HP that still get used as a daily driver or work truck. Machined from OE castings (retaining the cast iron ring insert) to give the same drivability and longevity of a replacement piston with additional strength necessary for modified engines. These Pistons are built for customers looking to get 100,000+ miles on a high horsepower applicaton. Unlike some of the higher HP forged pistons which need to be replaced every 20,000 to 30,000 miles, these Mahle Pistons are built to last.


  • Performance-oriented combustion bowl with design features intended to reduce erosion issues caused by high pressure, long duration and advanced timing. 
  • De-Lipped and strengthened
  • Lower compression ratios allowing more flexibility for high output tuning. 
  • Fully radiused valve pockets, where applicable to reduce drag and increased scuff resistance. 
  • Includes Rings, Wrist Pins and Clips

Applicaton Guide:

  • Trucks running Camshafts that do not require Piston Valve Reliefs
    • 930036055: Stock 4.055 Bore (403 Cubic Inch)
      •  3.898stroke,6.417rod,1.956c/h,1.358pin,-40.7ccvol,850g,16.7c/r, M142
    • 930036075: .020 over, 4.075 Bore (407 Cubic Inch)
      • 3.898stroke,6.417rod,1.956c/h,1.358pin,-40.7ccvol,863g,16.8c/r, M142
    • 930036095: .040 over, 4.095 Bore (411 Cubic Inch)
      • 3.898stroke,6.417rod,1.956c/h,1.358pin,-40.7ccvol,877g,17.0c/r, M142
  • Trucks running Camshafts that require Piston Valve Reliefs(all these pistons have .075" reliefs)
    • 930029855: Stock 4.055 Bore (403 Cubic Inch)
      • 3.898stroke,6.417rod,1.956c/h,1.358pin,-41.8ccvol,847g,16.3c/r, M142
    • 930029875: .020 over, 4.075 Bore (407 Cubic Inch)
      • 3.898stroke,6.417rod,1.956c/h,1.358pin,-41.8ccvol,860g,16.5c/r, M142
    • 930029895: .040 over, 4.095 Bore (411 Cubic Inch)
      • 3.898stroke,6.417rod,1.956c/h,1.358pin,-41.8ccvol,874g,16.6c/r, M142


Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Chase Higuera

Been running these pistons for about 7 months and they are holding up great noticed a lot quicker Throttle response with these pistons and Power feels way better great product!