Callies DuraStar Duramax Crankshaft (1200HP)


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DuraStar Crankshaft
*Built by Callies*

Fits 2001-2016 Chevy / GMC 6.6L Duramax

Part# D333M81-CS

Callies Durastar crankshafts are designed to be substantially stronger than OEM shafts currently found in GM’s popular Duramax diesel.  This improvement is the result of substantially stronger steel, considerably deeper nitride layer and unique machining features.

Durastar crankshafts are intended to be externally balanced with stock damper and flywheel configurations.

Unlike the LB7 stock crank, Callies modified the counterweights on this Durastar Crank to be able to clear and fit in all years with stock rods and pistons. 

Durastar advantages:

  1. Deep DuraCase nitride treatment that is durability and wear enhancing
  2. Large True Form fillet radii in all journals
  3. Keyed Shear Proof timing gear fit
  4. Drilled rod journals for reduced inertia and ease of balance
  5. Stock 3.898” stroke with OEM journal diameters and width
  6. Machined from 4340, through hardened steel
  7. Dual keyed damper fit
  8. Conservatively rated for 1200HP but have seen trucks well over the 1500HP mark
  9. Will accept OEM post and flange bolts
  10. Machined to accept OEM flywheels / flexplates
  11. All journals are polished to a 6Ra or finer finish
  12. Main bearing oil holes are machined with lead-ins for enhanced cold start oil flow to rod journals
  13. GM timing gears are available

Optional Dmax Performance Crankshaft Gear:

  • When replacing or upgrading your Crank it is vital that you replace the Crank Gear as well. This performance gear is built within GM OEM Specs and will fit all aftermarket standard sized Crankshafts.

DmaxStore Notes:

  • Does NOT include main bearings or thrust washer set
  • We recommend sourcing main bearings/thrust washers through your machine shop
  • We recommend having the full rotating assembly balanced before install
  • Thrust washers should be hand fit for proper clearances prior to assembly by your machine shop