Newer Style 2011+ OEM Duramax Wheel Swap on 2010 & Older Trucks Write-Up

***Disclaimer*** It is always recommended to install the correct lug pattern wheels on your truck for safety and reliability reasons.

The newer style 2011+ OEM GM wheels(8x180 lug pattern) are becoming a popular swap on 2010 and older 8x6.5 lug pattern trucks.
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Since the lug patterns are slightly different, unfortunately you cannot just bolt the newer style 2011+ wheels on your 2010 and older Duramax truck.
This can be done with a set of high quality, USA made BORA wheel adapters that will convert the 8x6.5 lug pattern to the newer style 8x180 lug pattern. These adapters are also hub-centric to your truck's hub(116.8mm) and to the newer style wheel(124.1mm) which creates for a perfect fit.
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Here is a link to the BORA adapters.

The specific adapters used on this truck are a 2" width. Please note, it's possible a 1.75" or smaller width adapter may require trimming of the existing factory lug studs so they do not interfere with the wheel. Factory lug studs usually do not require trimming for 2"+ width adapters.
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These wheels came off of a 2012 Sierra 2500HD and were custom painted Graphite Gray Metallic. They were installed on my personal truck which is a 2004 Sierra 2500HD.
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With these 2" BORA wheel adapters and wheel combination, the tires are almost flush with the fenders. The tires are LT295/55R20 Nitto Ridge Grapplers.
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It is very important that these wheel adapters or any wheel spacers are torqued to the manufacture's specifications. It is also a good practice to check the torque on them during tire rotations or if you have the wheels off for some reason. BORA offers a lifetime warranty on their adapters and spacers. They are made in USA using the best Alcoa 6061T6 billet aluminum and meet or exceed all OEM/aftermarket application standards.

Here are the torque specifications that BORA recommends.
Spacer to Wheel Hub - 140 ft. lbs
Wheel to Spacer - 120 ft. lbs

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