LML Reliability Upgrades

LML Reliability Upgrades

Customer brought in his 2016 LML for some reliability upgrades. Great truck out of the factory, but some added insurance for when he's towing.

First up, Amsoil Bypass, this increases oil capacity, and filters at a higher efficiency, improves oil cooling, better soot removal, and removes particles less than 1 micron.

Next on the list is a AirDog II-4g 165 lift pump, cleaner non-ariated fuel, for the injectors and CP4.

Next up, Exergy fuel pressure regulator. This regulator contains a 25 micron filter (stock is 80), so in the event the CP4 grenades, it will catch the particles and save you from doing a full fuel system replacement.

Last up is the Deviant EPC solenoid fooler valve and deep sump transmission pan. This will help increase lines pressure to allow for higher clamping force on the clutch packs, and the deep sump pan adds an extra gallons of ATF.

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