LML in a LMM!

What does it take to use a LML block in a LMM you ask? No worries, we got you covered...

You will need the LML oil pressure sensor with pigtail as its a different size bore than the LMM and prior sensors.
You will also need the LML turbo oil feed line.
And you will also need to modify the LMM dipstick tube as the routing is different due to the block webbing on the LML's.

So why use a LML block? A bit stronger with more webbing, and the oil feed comes off a different location instead of the valley off the cam journal feed.

Note the red plug, which is where the oil for the turbo comes from on the LML block.

In this pic you can see the mounting points for the dipstick tube will need to be modified.
And in case you were wondering, here is some of the other goodness happening with this motor.

Big air, big fuel for the tow beast, with a block that will take the abuse and keep asking for more!

Built Short block...
LML block, LB7 crank, Carillo Forged Rods, Mahle Cast delipped pistons, keyed crank/cam, ARP studs, SoCal Stage 1 heads, Super Damper, Socal 3388 cam, DmaxStore tig'd water pump, new oil cooler. Getting DDP injectors, HSP overstock twin kit (factory battery location), with the HTT ProMax 64 turbo as the valley charger and a HTT Protow 476 SX-E turbo feeding it.

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