Duramax Fuel Filter Change Intervals

Dmaxstore recommends changing your fuel filter at no more than 10k miles. This interval may be increased to 15-20k if you have a quality pre filtration set up. It is extremely important to run a high quality fuel filter like the factory AC Delco #TP3012 or the Racor #PFF50216. We do not recommend anything with a plastic housing typically found at auto part stores. Your Duramax Diesel fuel injection system needs very clean fuel to function properly.

Racor Coalescer Fuel Filter (2001-Current Duramax)

Part# PFF50216

This is the latest and greatest high efficiency, long life, "depth coalescing media" fuel filter by Racor. This is the EXACT same filter sold by GM dealerships (pn# 12633243) but at a fraction of the cost. The PFF50216 has been tested to OEM standards for life, efficiency, water removal, and is now standard and backward compatible on all GM Duramax engine applications. The Racor PFF50216 coalescing filter system inside has up to twice the life and improved water removal in all blends and types of diesel fuel when compared to other paper media filters.


  • Uses Racor developed Aquabloc II fuel filter media system solutiond
  • OEM tested and proven coalescing fuel filter, direct replacement
  • Up to twice the life of standard media filters for reduced maintenance costs
  • Backward compatible with all Duramax fuel filter applications
  • Primary depth coalescer followed by a secondary polishing filter provides the highest water and particle removal efficiency available in a diesel fuel filter


Racor's PFF50216 is a genuine direct replacement coalescing fuel filter for the GM Duramax Engine. The Racor PFF50216 fuel filter system contains a primary coalescing and a secondary polishing stage. The coalescing stage has multiple layers of specialized media that traps dirt and extracts finely dispersed water out of diesel fuel. The secondary filter strips away remaining water and polishes the fuel. The Racor PFF50216 coalescer system provides up to twice the life when compared to standard pleated media filters. The unique can design is proven to resist impact and seal deformation, "will fit" reproductions may use a different, unproven design. Accept NO substitutes.


Specifications PFF50216
Fits Model Years 2001-2010
Max Flow Rate 50 GPH (189 LPH)
Max Working Pressure 30 PSI (2.07 bar)
Micron Rating 4 Micron
Center Threads 3/8"-8 Buttress
Water removal Efficiancy 99%
Operating Temperature -50* to +225*F


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