2020+ GM 3.0 Duramax Diesel LM2 & LZ0 DIY Oil Change Step by Step
Step-by-Step Oil Change Instructions for the 3.0l Duramax Diesel LM2 & LZ0
  1. Raise and support the vehicle if necessary
  2. Place drain pan under the vehicle.
  3. Remove the drain plug, 15mm drain plug. This has an o-ring on it and you will need to inspect it and replace if necessary
    1. New Drain Plug
  4. Remove the Oil Filter and dispose of it properly
    1. New Oil Filter (OEM equipped with ACDelco PF66)
  5. Install the drain plug, torque to 18 ft lbs
  6. Lubricate the new oil filter with clean engine oil and install. Tighten the filter 3/4-1 full turn after the o-ring contacts the sealing surface.
  7. Lower the vehicle back down if needed.
  8. Fill the engine oil to the proper level with new engine oil (7 Quarts)
    1. Engine oil (OEM filled with ACDelco Dexos D 0w-20 Oil 10-9277)
  9. Check Oil Level to verify.
  10. Start the vehicle and inspect for leaks.
  11. Reset the service interval indicator.
    1. scroll the information pages until you see oil life and hold down the enter button to reset.
    2. If you do not see oil life you may need to go to settings and add the oil life page.
Order your full engine oil kit here: LM2 Oil Change Kits

For a step-by-step video, see below:

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