Returns Policy

We want to make returns as easy as possible at DMAX Store, because we hate return hassles as much as anyone.

If you have a return – or if you want to understand our returns policy before you order – please make sure to read the simple return policy rules below.

1. Returns must be made within 30 days of delivery receipt. No exceptions (sorry).

2. You must contact us for authorization BEFORE you return a part. If you try to return something to us without obtaining an authorization number, your return can be denied. If a return is made but no contact ever took place between the customer and the DmaxStore, parts returned will be voided after 6 months and no refund will take place. Please email our customer support team to get a return started:

We need you to contact us because all of the manufacturers we work with have slightly different return policies. Sometimes, you ship the parts to us, sometimes you ship them to the manufacturer. So, before you return a part, contact us.

3. We can’t accept any returns on the following items:

  • Custom-ordered parts
  • Open video or software products
  • Hazardous materials
  • Parts we didn’t sell, counterfeit parts from eBay, anything with the word “Ford” on it, etc.

4. What if someone else purchased the part for me and I want to return it? While we can’t refund parts without a receipt, we can usually work out an exchange. Please contact us.

5. We can’t refund any shipping costs, and we can’t pay any return shipping costs. Also, if your item included any “special offer free parts”, these must be returned at the same time or their value may be deducted from your refund.

6. If your order was shipped for free, we must reduce your refund by the amount of the original shipping charge. In addition to charging a restocking fee (see ‘Restocking fees may apply’ below), we must reduce refund amounts to account for initial shipping charges.

7. We can’t take back used parts, unless there is a valid warranty issue. Unless we’re taking a part back because of a warranty issue (and warranty claims are something we need to work out with you by phone or email first), we can’t accept used parts in return.

If it’s a warranty replacement, there may be an inspection process we have to perform on behalf of the manufacturer. Also, products used in racing or off-road conditions are only warranted against manufacturer defects prior to installation unless it is a Kryptonite Steering or Suspension item.

8. Restocking fees may apply. We reserve the right to charge a 15% restocking fee, in addition to reducing any refund amount to account for free shipping costs.

9. If your item is damaged upon receipt, contact us immediately. If you order parts from us and they’re damaged during shipping, we will get you replacements provided:

  • You let us know right away. That way, we can contact the shipping company and get reimbursed. If we don’t notify the shipping company quickly enough, we can’t get reimbursed. Therefore, if you get a damaged item, you must let us know within 3 business days. If not, we probably can’t help you.
  • You keep the damaged parts until the shipping company can inspect them. We may need to provide the shipping company the damaged packages for inspection before they’ll reimburse us. Until we get you the new parts and everything is taken care of, we need you to keep the damaged parts. If you don’t keep the damaged boxes and/or don’t make them available for inspection, we can’t help you.

10. All returns are subject to inspection. Any part that shows evidence of being used or installed improperly or contrary to manufacturer’s instructions and/or subjected to improper handling, packaging, or shipping by the customer will not be eligible for exchange, refund, or warranty consideration.

Inspections of returned merchandise to are completed within seven business days of receipt of the return. Additional time may be needed if the merchandise must be returned to the manufacturer/vendor for further testing or in house testing by one of our qualified technicians.

11. When you return your parts, use UPS or FedEx and get insurance. We strongly suggest returning your parts via UPS ground or FedEx.

Also, we are not responsible for items that are lost or damaged during shipping. If you’re returning parts and you don’t want to risk them getting lost or ruined – and forgoing your refund – we recommend insuring the shipment. It’s a small charge to insure most parts, and it can save your bacon.

12. If you return a part, do us a favor and put your order number on the outside of the box. To make sure you get your refund, be sure to put your original purchase order/invoice in the box (or a copy of the original). Be sure to put your return authorization number on that invoice as well.

Also, if you want your return to get processed fast, please write the invoice number on the outside of the box(es) you send us.

13. Refusing shipment due to International Taxes and Duties. Customers are responsible for all international Duties and Taxes. DmaxStore will not pay the duties/taxes and the customer will be responsible for return shipping cost when refusing to accept a shipment. Restocking fees are also applicable in certain situations.

14. Core Returns? All Core Return Costs are responsible to the customer. Please contact our customer support with any core return questions you may have. Cores must be returned within 60 days. Cores must be returned in decent rebuild-able condition. We are not responsible for any lost cores.

15. How long do returns take, and when do you get your money? We’re usually able to process a return in one week or less. If it’s an especially busy time of year, it might take longer. If you don’t see any correspondence from us after 7 business days, feel free to call or email for a status update.

Once we get your return processed, it takes our bank 2-3 business days to credit your account.

16. Labor Refunds. DmaxStore is not responsible for any labor fees and will not refund any customer due to defective parts being installed. It is the duty of the shop or customer to verify parts are in working condition before install.