Durastar Duramax Performance Cast Piston Kit (1000 HP)

Part# DMAX-36055

$1,499.95 Includes Free Shipping.

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - www.P65Warnings.Ca.Gov

Durastar Performance Cast Piston Kit

Rated up to 1000HP

Fits 2001-2016 6.6L Duramax

*Certain options may have a lead time, please contact us*

 Available exclusively to Dmaxstore members. This piston is our #1 seller and an outstanding value. Great choice for street, strip, sled pulling and towing. These Pistons are machined from OE castings (retaining the cast iron ring insert) to give the same drivability and longevity of a replacement piston with additional strength necessary for higher horsepower trucks. These Pistons are built for customers looking to get 100,000+ miles on a high horsepower applicaton. Unlike some of the higher HP forged pistons which need to be replaced every 20,000 to 30,000 miles, these DmaxStore Performance Pistons are built to last.


  • Performance-oriented combustion bowl with design features intended to reduce erosion issues caused by high pressure, long duration and advanced timing. 
  • De-Lipped and strengthened
  • Lower compression ratios allowing more flexibility for high output tuning. 
  • Fully radiused valve pockets, where applicable to reduce drag and increased scuff resistance. 
  • Includes Rings, Wrist Pins and Clips

Applicaton Guide:

  • Trucks running Camshafts that do not require Piston Valve Reliefs
    • DMAX-36055: Stock 4.055 Bore (403 Cubic Inch)
      •  3.898stroke,6.417rod,1.956c/h,1.358pin,-40.7ccvol,850g,16.7c/r, M142
    • DMAX-36075: .020 over, 4.075 Bore (407 Cubic Inch)
      • 3.898stroke,6.417rod,1.956c/h,1.358pin,-40.7ccvol,863g,16.8c/r, M142
    • DMAX-36095: .040 over, 4.095 Bore (411 Cubic Inch)
      • 3.898stroke,6.417rod,1.956c/h,1.358pin,-40.7ccvol,877g,17.0c/r, M142
  • Trucks running Camshafts that require Piston Valve Reliefs(all these pistons have .075" reliefs)
    • DMAX-29855: Stock 4.055 Bore (403 Cubic Inch)
      • 3.898stroke,6.417rod,1.956c/h,1.358pin,-41.8ccvol,847g,16.3c/r, M142
    • DMAX-29875: .020 over, 4.075 Bore (407 Cubic Inch)
      • 3.898stroke,6.417rod,1.956c/h,1.358pin,-41.8ccvol,860g,16.5c/r, M142
    • DMAX-29895: .040 over, 4.095 Bore (411 Cubic Inch)
      • 3.898stroke,6.417rod,1.956c/h,1.358pin,-41.8ccvol,874g,16.6c/r, M142