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CDP External Oil Cooler (2001-2016)

CDP External Oil Cooler (2001-2016)

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Part#: CDP001

CDP External Oil Cooler

Fits 2001-2016 Chevy / GMC  2500HD / 3500HD

Part# CDP001


CDP external oil cooler system for 01-15 Duramax! One of the most important modifications for those of you that tow or have twin turbo setups. This system is completelty bolt on and has dropped oil temps in our test trucks up to 20+ degrees while also adding an extra 2 quarts of oil to the system! During heavy tow testing it also took much longer for the oil temperatures to increase when pulling a load up grades. The cooler partially opens up at 160 degrees and is then fully open at 180 degrees. This allows your truck to still heat up to normal operating temperatures before cooler starts to flow so it will not affect heating in the winter months. Each kit also comes with cap plugs for ease of removal if needed.



- Bolt on mounting bracket and all needed fasteners

- Oil cooler and 3000psi 3/4" hydraulic hoses for longevity and increased flow, all 12-AN fittings

- Thermostatic controlled adapter and fittings 

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