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(Sale!) VSE 2020-2022 L5P Fuel System Saver

(Sale!) VSE 2020-2022 L5P Fuel System Saver

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WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -
Part#: VSE-L5P-FSS

VSE 20-22 L5P Fuel System Saver

Sale Price $552.49
Normally $649.99

Fits: 2020-2022 L5P

This model fits 20-22 L5P pickup long and short bed truck models, ensure this will be installed on a pickup and not a cab and chassis!!
Finally a solution exists to clean, filter, and remove water from your L5P Duramax fuel system!  This system replaces your single L5P fuel / water filter with a direct plug and play style filtration system that takes advantage of the benefits and control of the FACTORY L5P lift pump system.
What are we replacing? The stock system contains a water / fuel filter combo that filters down to 5 micron max using the same fuel filter that is used on the Chevy Cruise 1.8L Motor. Ours contains 2 filters. A Pre filter that is a water separator with a change interval of 15,000 + miles that filters out larger debris with 18% more surface area than the stock filter and filters at a 95% efficiency at 13 micron and a post filter to catch all the fine debris that filters down to 3 micron at a 99% efficiency, with a change interval of 15,000+ miles.

The L5P runs a 3 phase brushless variable speed lift pump that is mounted in the fuel tank submerged by a volume of fuel to retain, at all times, positive head pressure over the top of the discharge volume of fuel. This lift pump is controlled by a fuel pump driver module located above the spare tire in truck models that reports to the ECM and handles low pressure fuel pressure monitoring. The L5P lift pump, by design, maintains 58p-62psig in normal mode and 75psig in active DPF regeneration mode, to keep the HP4 and the 9th injector in proper pressurised condition and status. By design, the system only supplies the fuel required to keep the correct pressure in check and varies its pump speed on demand as load and return flow by the injectors increase. By design air induction into the system is minimised by this, and therefore needs not be mitigated. Furthermore, with the revamped design and internal port matching of our fuel filter head the system experiences less overall backpressure which puts less stress on the lift pump at higher horsepower levels.


  • Direct bolt on in under 30 min time.
  • Water/fuel filter pre filters down to 13 micron with the usage of Donaldson Part number #551329
  • Post filter down to 3 micron with the usage of Donaldson Part number #551313
  • Maximizes usage the factory L5P fuel system fuel heater to prevent gelling in the winter
  • Maximizes usage of the factory L5P water in fuel sensor to alert owner of water in fuel accurately per the owner’s manual.
  • Combined water filter and fuel filter cost less than the factory fuel filter
  • 18% more surface area for water / fuel filtration and 100% more surface area at a higher filtration efficiency during post filtration
  • Supports higher horsepower levels due to full internal patented port matching of the filter block and lower differential pressure across the fuel filters than compared to the factory (1000 RWHP compatible)
  • Lifetime warranty for fit and finish
  • Quicker fuel filter changes and longer interval change times. (15,000 miles +)
  • No requirement to change calibration or block P codes to gain increased fuel filtration as some lift pumps require.
  • Allows cleaning of diesel fuel while maintaining proper pressure requirements to the inlet of the HP4 injection pump

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