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Timken Bearings  (NEW + Kryptonite) (2001-2010)

Timken Bearings (NEW + Kryptonite) (2001-2010)

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Part#: SP580310-580311-580312-580313

Timken Bearings
Part# SP580310-580311-580312-580313
These NEW Timken wheel bearings are the highest quality replacement parts made. Each part comes with 8 new wheel studs and ABS brake line. These are complete bolt in units and fit both right and left spindles. Average install time is around 2 hours.
2001-2010  (GMC/Chevrolet)2500-3500 HD
2002-2007 (Hummer H2)


             Kryptonite lifetime warranty

Torque Specs:
Axle Nut-177 lb.ft
Spindle Bolts-133 lb.ft
Main Caliper Bolts-221 lb.ft


(Kryptonite Lifetime warranty)- Now available for Dmaxstore customers purchasing genuine Timken wheel bearings. Dmaxstore will replace any failed wheel bearing purchased from us  as long as you own the vehicle. For all claims members must present original packaging and a copy of your invoice . For replacement please call or email for shipping instructions prior to warranty claim. New replacement bearings will be shipped UPS ground when failed unit is received, shipping will not be covered.

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