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SunCoast GMAX-5-3 (No Converter)

SunCoast GMAX-5-3 (No Converter)

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Part#: GMax-5-3

SunCoast Allison GMax-5 Kit

Fits 2001-2005 Chevy/GMC 2500/3500 HD With Alison 1000

Part# GMax-5-3

Please allow 7-10 business days before shipment.
Out with the “0's” and in with the 10's, Sun Coast Exclusive, this kit not new to us it’s been in testing for over a year. Now released to aftermarket, for your increased horsepower and your heavy hauling needs.

This kit supersedes our “Stage IV Kits” and is used in our inhouse built GMax transmissions.

Sun Coast engineered this kit and manufactures many key components that have made it possible to hold the torque your Duramax is putting to the ground. We have assembled the best parts available for your Allison 1000 transmission and put it in a kit form to enable shops to build a dependable unit. This kit only upgrades the clutches for C-1, C-2, C-3 and C-4. Note C5's are coming soon. For Clutch only upgrades use kit number GMax-5-1. Kit number GMax-5-2, it comes with hydraulic upgrades.
Included in the GMax-5-3 kit:

C1 Pack

  • 1- Sun Coast C1 Top Plate
  • 8- HEG External Single Sided Frictions (ESSF)
  • 8- HEG Internal Single Sided Frictions (ISSF)
  • 1- Sun Coast C1 Bottom Plate

C2 Pack

  • 1- Sun Coast C2 Bottom Plate
  • 7- Red Eagle Frictions
  • 4- Kolene .067 thick steels
  • 4- Kolene .086 thick steels
  • 1- Sun Coast wavy steel

C3 Pack

  • 1- Sun Coast C3 Top Plate with P1 thrust washers
  • 6- SCE External Single Sided Frictions (ESSF)
  • 6- SCE Internal Single Sided Frictions (ISSF)
  • 1- SCE Spring Plate
  • 1- New Sun Coast C3 Piston

C4 Pack

  • 1- Sun Coast C4 Top Plate
  • 6- SCE External Single Sided Frictions (ESSF)
  • 6- SCE Internal Single Sided Frictions (ISSF)
  • 1- SCE Spring Plate
  • 1- Sun Coast C4 Piston

Hydraulic Upgrades include the parts for the Valve body, pump upgrades.

Transgo® Allison Shift Kit® for the 2001-2005 Chevrolet & GMC HD trucks, diesel or gas. This heavy duty kit corrects the common problems with these transmissions; goes into neutral under load, 3-4 slip, burned C2 or C3 clutches, sticks in one gear, won't move after extended parking, loss of pump prime. This kit includes smart clutch control valves for increased durability and Short-Crisp-Smooth-upshifts and kick downs. This kit also reduces trouble codes. This is the most complete shift correction kit available and definitely the most reputable. Transgo® Allison C1 Quick Fill Valve increases C1 clutch flow over the OEM valve. Transgo® Allison 2001-04 Boost Valve,This valve is the converter flow valve. This valve controls fluid to the converter clutch and cuts back pressure from 250 psi ( or so ) to 145 psi when the converter clutch applies. This valve will bring that pressure to a more acceptable 170-190 psi, and much more depending on application. We need this extra pressure because all you guys that are running big programs and are pushing the pressure limits for clutch holding power. Sun Coast pressure regular shim to increase main line pressure and custom tool to help install.

Suncoast Allison paper and rubber kit includes all seals, gaskets and o-rings required to overhaul the Allison 1000. We work directly with the manufacture of our seal kits, so any improvements/revisions are passed on to manufacture and our kits are upgraded to pass the quality on to our customers. We include a new spin on filter and new sump filter along with our billet filter loc to prevent filter from working lose and dropping out of the pump.

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