4x4 LBZ with 85k miles

Posted February 11, 2017

  • Price: $ 29,500.00
  • Post Type:For Sale
  • Category:Used Trucks
  • City:Camarillo CA
  • Seller:Trevor Niemerow


I'm torn, but finally decided to put my truck up for sale. I've put a ton of time and money into this truck, and planned on keeping it forever, but things change and I need to let go of it for now. A backstory - I'm second owner, original owner was a middle aged man who unfortunately passed away, and his widow kept the truck for about two years. She had the injectors redone from GM. I bought it with 53k miles and some change. It's come a long way since then. Here's a list of what I've done, all within the past 20k miles or less. I'm sure there's a few things here and there that I'll miss, but as you can see this is a pretty extensive list. From the outside it would be hard to tell I've put a little over $10k into it, but it's built to be cross country back country trailer towing camping road worthy. I'm asking $29,500 and I'm willing to deliver for the fuel and plane ticket home. [U]Steering[/U] [LIST] [*]Kryptonite Stage 2 Kit [*]Kryptonite Ball Joints [*]Energy Poly control arm bushings [*]Kryptonite weld in brace [*]Red Head Stearing Gearbox [*]Flush steering/replace with Valvoline PS Fluid [*]PISK [*]Moog pitman arm/idler arm [*]Timken/Kryptonite wheel bearings [*]Kryptonite caster bolts [/LIST] [U]Suspension[/U] [LIST] [*]Cognito 4-6" NTBD Kit [*]McGaughys lowering keys [*]Offroad Design U-Bolt reversal kit [*]Deaver Mini Pack [*]Firestone 2250 Air bags - Purchased but not installed [*]35x12.5r17 General Grabber AT2 w/ matching spare [*]H2 wheels [/LIST] [U]Performance[/U] [LIST] [*]EFI Live by Rob [*]Kennedy Lift Pump [*]Donaldson filter [*]5" straight pipe [*]ProFab downpipe [*]PPE Fuel fitting - Purchased but not installed [*]LML header with egt probe - purchased but not installed [/LIST] [U]Drivetrain[/U] [LIST] [*]Pump rub kit [*]Transfer case brace [*]New passenger CV shaft, old one as spare [*]New GM torsion bar crossmember and brackets [/LIST] [U]Misc.[/U]. [LIST] [*]Fresh Front/Rear diff oil [*]Fresh transfer case oil [*]Brake system/Hydroboost flush [/LIST] [U]Exterior[/U] [LIST] [*]SnugTop shell carpeted and Yakima roof racks [*]Lee Anderson Carpet kit [/LIST] [U]Interior[/U] [LIST] [*]Pioneer Double Din [*]CDT Components/crossover [*]Memphis 10" Subs [*]Edge CTS2 [/LIST] I'll get more pictures once the rain lets up here and I can wash it. http://imgur.com/xveuJmA.jpg http://imgur.com/VdOzCmQ.jpg (805)432-1146 - Trevor