Used but GOOD, Assorted parts from a 2005 LLY, for sale separately or together

Posted May 10, 2017

  • Price: $ 300.00
  • Post Type:For Sale
  • Category:Parts
  • City:Norfolk, VA
  • Seller:Andrew Slater


I have some Stock OEM parts left over from a recent upgrade that are sitting in my garage, making my wife, who wants them? These are all off of a 2005 Chevy LLY Duramax Extended Cab Short Bed with approximately 130k miles on it. Here's the list: Intake Air Box With filter; Flexible intake pipe from box to Turbo Inlet; Turbo Inlet; Intake elbow with EGR cooler; Exhaust Manifolds with gaskets and *most* hardware; Up pipes (passenger and driver side); Down pipe; I can take a bunch of pictures for all of this stuff, and I'm going to work on uploading them can message me privately if you see something you're interested in, or want to see a different view of something; My Email: [email protected]